Connecticut Geographic Alliance

AAG's Project GeoSTART

GeoSTART materials will help middle and high school students learn state-of-the-art approaches to geography, earth science, and spatial thinking using NASA Earth Observing Missions remote sensing imagery and related data.  Each activity is designed to engage one of the eight major modes of spatial thinking that are the focus of this NASA-funded curriculum project.  The activities use this approach to study hurricanes.  As written, the activities contain all of the background information, instructions, satellite imagery, and other materials needed to support a very short but tightly focused inquiry that can fit into a larger unit on hurricanes or natural hazards in many ways.  The materials are available for free download in one total package format or by individual activities.  If activities are downloaded separately, it is still recommended to download the Teacher’s Guide for instructional suggestions and answer keys to each activity.  Activities include:  Hurricane Shapes, Hurricane Frequency, Hurricane Paths, Hurricane Stories, Hurricane Winds, Hurricane Strength, Hurricane Influence, and Hurricane Impact.  Click here to download one or all of these informative activities for use in your classroom this year.


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