Connecticut Geographic Alliance

Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS)

Although BIOS was originally founded as a research station for college and university students, over the years it has also become a place for middle and high school teachers to take their students for a trip abroad that combines hands-on education, adventure, and the experience of living on a working research station.  Many of these teachers return year after year with new groups of students eager to learn about everything from history to marine biology to Bermuda’s native flora and fauna.  One such teacher is Ed Argenta, a retired public school educator and science department head, who now works as a Teacher Consultant with the Connecticut Geographic Alliance and a Nautilus Educator with the Sea Research Foundation.  In 1979, Ed was teaching science at Vernon Center Middle School and was invited on the “Vernon Bermuda Workshop” trip by his colleague Duffy Brookes who has been taking students to BIOS since 1970.  Since then, Ed and Duffy have brought at least one group – and sometimes two or more – every year for a course in sub-tropical island ecology.  Ed notes that, “BIOS is a good experience for undergraduate students because they have the chance to do real science along with many other students of varying abilities and levels.  As an educator, the progression of our students from their selection to their training and then their efforts during the course at BIOS is priceless.  Their intellectual and emotional growth is amazing.”


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