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The CGA Is As Strong As Its Members

What has CGA done for you? The CGA is an organization of dedicated educators, community leaders and teachers who have worked over the past twenty years to improve geographic literacy among the children of Connecticut. We are housed in the Department of Geography at the University of Connecticut. Our institutes, programs, and outreach have reached tens of thousands of students, parents and teachers across our state and enriched countless classrooms. We need your partnership and advocacy now more than ever.

How can you help? We have never collected annual dues from our membership and friends. However, in this extraordinary time we are calling on you to do your part in any way that you can. You can help us through this upcoming year in a number of ways. Contact your state legislator and the governor’s office and tell them that you want funding restored to the CGA so it can continue efforts for our children. Contact your Congressional members to pledge their support for the “Teaching Geography is Fundamental” legislation. Please consider a modest donation to our programs, and most importantly, get involved in quality geographic education in the classroom or as an active member of CGA.

Your tax deductible donation (CGA is a non-profit) will allow the CGA to continue its High School Geographic Challenge, the Family Geography Challenge, and get first class geographic materials and geospatial technologies into the hands of students in Connecticut.

Yes, the CGA can count on me!

Enclosed is my gift of $________ that should be directed to the Connecticut Geographic Alliance – Fund #21671 at the UConn Foundation.

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Phone______________________ Email_____________________

I/We wish this gift to be anonymous

Donations by check or money order:

Click here for a printable donation form.

Please mail your check or money order payable to the UConn Foundation (with a note in the memo line stating “Connecticut Geographic Alliance – Fund #21671”) with a copy of this form to:

Connecticut Geographic Alliance
Department of Geography
University of Connecticut
CLAS Building U-4148
Storrs, CT 06269-4148

Give now at:

Please type “Connecticut Geographic Alliance – Fund #21671” in the other box.


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