Connecticut Geographic Alliance

Map Gallery and Student Competition

This year the Maine GIS Championships will be held in conjunction with
the NEARC GIS Educator's Day and expanded to include all students, not just those from Maine.

Students of any level from middle school through graduate level are
invited to present a project, video or poster. Students presenting are
not required to attend the conference, but there will be additional
awards for those who do attend.

The student posters and projects will be judged based on votes from
conference attendees.

Awards will be announced at the closing session of the educator's day,
and winning students will be asked to leave their posters for
inclusion in the gallery at the NEARC Conference over the following

Rules for Student Competition

  • Students are not required to attend the conference and showcase, but there will be additional prizes for those who do attend.
  • The projects may be done by teams or individuals.
  • Different grade levels will have separate categories.
  • The project presented must represent the work of one or more
    students—teachers, parents and group leaders may help with guidance, transportation, instruction, acquiring materials, printing, etc., but students must do the work and create the materials for display.
  • Project topics may be any geographic inquiry or map-making activity in any discipline
  • Student entrants must be enrolled in a school or home school, college or university in during 2011-2012 school year. Enrollment may be full or part time.
  • Parents or guardians of students under 18 years of age are asked to sign permission slips (included with registration form) allowing the University of Maine System to use images of students and their work in documentation and promotional materials. Teachers and group leaders, please inform event organizers if permission has not been obtained for any student entrants.
  • Scholarships and prizes are awarded to all student entrants listed on the winning projects.

Exhibit content, materials & media

  • While most projects are presented as posters, students may present their projects in any way and in any allowable medium that most effectively explains how they conducted their project and what they accomplished.
  • Exhibits MUST include at least one map in electronic and/or printed
    format made using any GIS software and data.
  • Exhibits MUST include written materials in electronic and/or printed format.
  • Exhibits may include printed materials, hand drawn materials, props, electronic equipment (such as laptops or GPS units), field samples, or other materials that are not prohibited below.
  • Exhibits may include projected images or video. Power (at least one outlet) will be provided for exhibits upon request. However, entrants must provide or arrange to borrow computers, projectors, screens, extension cords and power strips, if needed.
  • Exhibits may include sound, but the audio must be directly related to the project, and volume must be kept at a level low enough to allow conversation in the vicinity of the exhibit. Entrants must provide their own audio equipment.

Size limits

  • Exhibits may attach to 48" X 48" panels (provided), sit on a table
    and/or stand on the floor
  • Exhibits may be up to 48 inches wide and may extend no more than 48 inches from the wall.
  • The height of the exhibit may be no more than 7 feet from the floor

    The following materials are prohibited and may not be included in any exhibits

  • Live animals or potentially harmful microorganisms
  • Open flames of any kind or temperatures in excess of 50oC (120oF)
  • Exposed batteries in an electrical circuit or exposed live wires (AC or DC)
  • Liquids of any kind, UNLESS the exhibit does not use electricity or
    computer equipment, in which case the exhibit may include only liquids that are non-toxic and non-corrosive and are kept in sealed containers

CLICK HERE to download the K-12 student entry form
CLICK HERE to download the college/graduate student entry form



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